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The Heat is On!

Police Enforcement Measures

After a period of no fines, rider education and warnings, Brisbane Police are now taking a harder line

This week the Zipidi team have been in sunny Queensland doing test rides and meeting with specialist retailers who will be selling the Zoom Stryder in selected stores.

We hail from Sydney where laws are yet to change and where there are currently no rental scooter trials in place. You can definitely feel the e-scooter energy in the air in Queensland. It's burning hot and everyone wants to get a piece of the action.

The Lime Trial in Brisbane is well underway with thousands of people enjoying the city's latest craze. The city has truly caught the bug. There is a definite buzz in the city as both tourists and locals jump on the decks of electric scooters and get about town faster and less sweaty than before.


With the change in QLD regulations on the 19th December 2018, many locals are now choosing to own their own e-scooter and get about in sportier models than the rental scooters.


In scooting around Brisbane CBD and Southbank, we have seen lots of Rental Riders engaging in what is technically illegal behaviour, behaviour attracting fines of $130.

Since electric scooters are such a new form of mobility, the local police have taken the approach of warning riders, educating them and sending them on their way. We understand this period is coming to an end and enforcement is about to begin.

Exercise Common Sense

The Police are now moving out of the education phase and into the "no more Mr Nice Guy" phase. To avoid a fine, follows these rules and keep informed about changes.

  • Wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times.  They are not expensive to buy.  We picked one up for $7 at a large retail chain.  Don't get caught without one!
  • Do not carry passengers - we have seen lots of people "doubling" and not wearing helmets  - double whammy and police will be coming down hard on these behaviours.
  • Do not not use a mobile device
  • Do not drink and ride

When riding on a path, you must:

  • Keep left and give way to pedestrians.
  • Travel at a speed that allows you to stop safely to avoid colliding with a pedestrian.
  • Travel at a safe distance from a pedestrian so you can avoid a collision.
  • Keep left of oncoming bicycles and other personal mobility devices.
  • Only use the bicycle side of a shared path.

Brisbane CBD

The State regulations are supplemented by City Council regs and there are some specific no scoot areas in the CBD. If you are in Queen Street Mall, Reddacliff Place, Brunswick Street Mall and Chinatown Mall you will need to get off your scooter and walk with it.

In addition - you must not ride on the roads in the CBD. Pathways are ok but watch out for pedestrians. Electric Scooters are so quiet that we easily sneak up on pedestrians. Its new for them too and they are not expecting you to be there so take care for your sake and theirs!

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